The Foam Factory’s Spray Adhesive Line Helps with Spring Projects

《The Foam Factory’s Spray Adhesive Line Helps with Spring Projects》:

(PRLEAP.COM) April 18, 2015 – Macomb, MI – The summer months often involve a variety of do-it-yourself projects around the home and, with that in mind, The Foam Factory is pleased to unveil their line of adhesives specifically formulated for use with foam products. Three types of foam adhesives are available: Claire Mist, 3M Super 77, and Camie 373.

Foam products aren’t all alike, and different kinds can react in very dissimilar ways to the same adhesive. In some cases, the wrong type of glue may cause severe damage to the material in question. For that reason, it is important to apply only an adhesive that has been designed to be used in conjunction with a particular kind of foam product. The specs for the adhesives available through The Foam Factory run as follows:

  • Claire Mist – This has been formulated for use with open-cell foam products such as couch cushions, mattresses, acoustic foam, and certain types of upholstery. Claire Mist is a spray adhesive that provides an even bond without hard globs; this helps ensure a consistent surface that people may sit or lie on in comfort.
  • 3M Super 77 – This adhesive is intended for closed-cell products such as insulation, packaging, soundproof walls, and certain types of crafts. It has been formulated to accommodate the relative rigidity and toughness of closed-cell foam materials, although it can also be used with open-cell products.
  • Camie 373 – This has been designed specifically for EPS/Polystyrene materials, which can melt upon contact with standard spray adhesives. Camie 373 adhesive is used on certain types of insulation, crafts, and hot tub covers, among other products.

In addition to this line of adhesives, The Foam Factory carries a broad array of related products, including mattresses, seats, cushions, acoustic foam, packaging foam, pet beds, and more.

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