New Low Temperature Hot Melt Adhesives by H.B. Fuller

《New Low Temperature Hot Melt Adhesives by H.B. Fuller》:

H.B. Fuller (NYSE: FUL) has introduced a range of low application temperature hot melt adhesives, offering the versatility to address practically all case and carton sealing applications.


Elizabeth Staab, marketing manager, H.B. Fuller, explains, “Our range of low temperature adhesives is versatile and covers a wide variety of substrates, enabling customers to take advantage of the latest packaging material. The range incorporates seven products, all offering energy savings, increased operator safety and efficient performance.”
H.B. Fuller’s low temperature hot melt adhesives are applied at temperatures as low as 100°C to 135°C. Manufacturers can significantly cut energy consumption, at line start-up and during normal melter operation. Based on their energy source, this also means lower CO2 emissions. Low application temperature adhesives can improve the working environment by focusing on operators’ safety and may incorporate vacuum feed systems. Reduced wear and tear on machinery limits unscheduled downtime and maintenance. Manufacturers can expect the high efficiency and great performance they are used to from H.B. Fuller’s hot melt adhesives. Their high quality consistently ensures accurate bead placement and impressive package appearance.

Advantra True™ LT 9340, for example, combines the benefits of a low temperature adhesive with bio-sourced raw materials. Containing over 40 percent forest-sourced materials, this hot melt connects premium performance at low temperatures with customers’ sustainability needs.

Staab concludes, “H.B. Fuller offers the widest range of energy-saving, low application temperature hot melt adhesives in the market today. Our technical experts support manufacturers in making the right choice of adhesive for their needs. Customers can rely on our expertise to help them meet sustainability targets.”

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